Kitong Bisa Enterprise

Kitong Bisa Enterprise is a social enterprise which focuses in educating, enabling, and empowering the marginalized community in Indonesia, focusing on women and youth, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia to have a better livelihood. It was founded in late 2017 and have been legalized in 2018, with an official business entity, operating and has been manufacturing and selling hundreds of products units both nationally and internationally.

We offer entrepreneurial incubation, training, mentoring, and access to markets activities held in provinces with unemployment rates above the national average in Indonesia, especially those from high school and vocational graduates, as the main beneficiaries. We focus on female due to the facts that in the eastern part of Indonesia, Females are actually the backbone of most families economics. Thus, by lifting up females out of Poverty, we would eventually help a lot of families (multiplier effects) out from the poverty line. Furthermore, the reason why we are focusing on vocational and high school is that most of the unemployment in Indonesia, are contributed by those institutions’ graduates.

We encourage and facilitate more women and youth in Indonesia to get involved in the economy, by becoming entrepreneurs which will design products needed by our customer. We will help to manufacture and sell the products to the wider market, by utilizing online technology as the primary means. This is due to significant growth of internet penetration and coverage in Indonesia, and in facts, it is amongst the highest globally. Thus, a solution to solve the unemployment issue, which is caused by the unavailability of jobs, is to encourage more females and youth as business women and men.

Currently, we are in the development of Kitong Shop (KITOS) and Kitong E-learning which will be available in in mid-2019. In that online platforms, various Social, culture and eco-friendly products, which are the values and competitive advantages of our products will be sold. We are committed to delivering high quality, ergonomic, yet, environmental friendly Papuan ethnic-based products, which are needed by our customer to support their daily activities.

Kitong Bisa Enterprise has trained more than 200 vocational students, mostly Women in Fakfak, West Papua and Banda Aceh, Aceh Province, on basic business, IT, and soft skills. The program was funded by the Australian Alumni Grant Scheme. Due to that success, more and more national and international entities request collaboration with us. The latest one was in 2018, in which we had trained more than 150 more students to be online business women and men, working together with Alpha-i NUSA, and funded by USAID and University of Melbourne through a program called: “Student Engagement Grant Program”.

The Team

Khoirun Nisa’ Sri Mumpuni

Founder & CEO



Co-founder & COO


Bintang Rivani

Co-founder & CPO


Billy Mambrasar