Kitong Bisa Foundation

Kitong Bisa was first established in 2009 as a learning center in Serui, Papua aims to inspire young Papuan kids to get better education, be successful and get out from below poverty line. Currently, we have 4 learning centers in Fakfak, Jayapura, Serui and Merauke. We teach students with our tailored curriculum in English, to cater behavioural change by attaining soft skills, creative thinking, as well as entrepreneurial acumen. Kitong Bisa has been educating more than 600 kids across Papua.

Due to that success, Kitong Bisa has been professionally inquired to provide consultancies for youth and various nonprofit organizations to start social initiatives, following the path of Kitong Bisa. Thus, from a small learning center, Kitong Bisa had than evolved into a consulting management for other nonprofits, both national and international institutions. In 2015, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia hired KITONG BISA, through their Australia Awards scholarship program, to deliver trainings in 5 Geographic focused province (Aceh, NTT, NTB, Papua and Papua Barat). This training was aimed to enhance the capabilities young people in those areas to start social initiatives to solve social issues in their areas. As the output of this program, 4 more learning centers were formed and have been operating to date.

More other successful projects were conducted in cooperation with private sector, such as Garuda Indonesia, to develop and equipped classrooms in some of the learning centers. Other companies such as PT. Freeport Indonesia, which funded a program to send teachers trainers to remote areas to train local teachers there to enhance their teaching capabilities to provide quality learning. Another one was the collaboration with the USA embassy in Indonesia to conduct meet and greet between the USA ambassadors with youth activists in Papua and Papua Barat.As the pioneer in Nonprofit Management and CSR consultant, Kitong Bisa has attracted attention from different medias. Some coverage can be seen in Jakarta globe news channel “Perspective Show”, Berita Satu “DK Show”, Margin Magazine of Australia, and also invitations to speak in various events both domestics and overseas. Kitong Bisa and the organization it has been helping possess strong online presence (see at our website: For example, Papua scholarship club with more than 20,000 members, Papua career center with more than 9,000 members, and Quatmo Foundation in Vietnam with more than 1,500 members. This network is useful to share success stories, information and inspiration to the whole members of organization, as well as branding for sponsors.

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