Kitong Bisa Learning Center

As the vision of Kitong Bisa Foundation as a whole, which is to incubate entrepreneurial mindset as early as possible, we open learning centers in different places to teach the entrepreneurial skills and acumen in an informal way. We have this Unique, research-based curriculum called: RESPECT, in which utilizing a set of tools while teaching English, we monitor the progress of behavioural change of the Kids week by week.

RESPECT stands for a set of behavioural components, which makes up a successful entrepreneur. They learn these components progressively since they were in their elementary school, then when they are in high school, they will learn how to make products and sell it. So, in the early ages, we focus more on the behavioural change, whereas after they reach their high school, they learn the “how to” or the actual skills of an entrepreneur.

Our current learning centers are in  Yapen (the first learning center), Jayapura (two learning centers), Merauke, and Fakfak. In 2019, we are planning to scale up our impacts by reaching more kids from the underprivileged background by opening more learning centers, as below picture.

Each of the learning centers will have uniqueness based on the local potentials, aligned with teaching RESPECT as outlined above.  Yapen is focusing on the commodity businesses and sustainable blue tourism based products, Jayapura focuses on the urban-based products needs, Merauke is more into forest and nature related products, and Fakfak is close with the women’s personal touch (handmade) products. The designed as outlined in the Kitong Bisa Enterprise Homepage are made by the students in the learning centers and refined by our product designers to be sold nationally and internationally.