Kitong Bisa was first established in 2009 as a learning center in Serui, Papua. It aims to inspire young Papuans to get a better education, be successful and move out of the poverty line. Currently, we have 7 learning centers in Fakfak, Jayapura, Serui, Merauke, Sorong, Beo and Arborek. We teach students with our customized RESPECT curriculum in English, to cater for changing behavior by achieving soft skills, creative thinking and entrepreneurial acumen. Kitong Bisa has educated more than 2000 children throughout Papua. 
Because of that success, Kitong Bisa was professionally asked to provide consultation for youth and various non-profit organizations to start social initiatives, following the path of Kitong Bisa. Therefore, from a small learning center, Kitong Bisa later developed into a management consultancy for other non-profit organizations, both national and international institutions. In 2015, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade hired KITONG BISA, through the Australia Awards scholarship program, to provide training in 5 geographic focus provinces (Aceh, NTT, NTB, Papua and West Papua). This training aims to improve the ability of young people in the area to initiate social initiatives to solve social problems in their area. As the output of this program, 4 more learning centers were formed and have been operating to date. 

More other successful projects were carried out in collaboration with the private sector, such as Garuda Indonesia, PT. Pertamina to develop and equip classrooms in several learning centers. Other companies such as PT. Freeport Indonesia, which funds a program of sending teacher trainers to remote areas to train local teachers there to improve their teaching skills to deliver quality learning. One of them is collaboration with the United States Embassy in Indonesia to hold a meet and greet between the United States ambassador and youth activists in Papua and West Papua.

Kitong Bisa has also collaborated a lot to support government programs, especially in the development of young people and Papua. One of them is the Link & Match program together with the Ministry of Investment / BKPM to create a program to provide training for small and medium enterprises and connect with investors so that their business can grow. 

Due to its focus on education, Kitong Bisa together with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and technology will establish 2000 teaching and learning activity centers (PKBM) spread throughout Indonesia. As a pioneer in Non-Profit Management and CSR consulting, Kitong Bisa has attracted the attention of various media. Some of the coverage can be seen on the Jakarta globe news channel “Perspective Show”, Berita Satu “DK Show”, Margin Australia Magazine, as well as invitations to speak at various events both domestically and abroad. Kitong Bisa and the organizations that have helped it have a strong online presence (see our website: For example, the Papuan scholarship club with more than 20,000 members, the Papuan career center with more than 9,000 members, and the Quatmo Foundation in Vietnam with more than 1,500 members. This network is useful for sharing success stories, information and inspiration with all members of the organization, as well as branding for sponsors.


To be the Pioneer of an excellent Non-Formal Learning Center to become a generation of Papuans who are intelligent, innovative, and have character for Indonesia


Superior (Learning Center & components)

a. Learning Center (Building) Fulfilling the infrastructure in the learning center Have your own learning center building
b. Teacher Recruiting teaching staff through a clear recruitment process Provide ToT training for teachers

Smart Generation

- Has curriculum and teaching materials
- Has clear, directed, and measurable assessment indicators


Cultivating an entrepreneur mindset


Implementing RESPECT values in daily life

As the vision of Kitong Bisa Foundation as a whole, which is to incubate entrepreneurial mindset as early as possible, we open learning centers in different places to teach the entrepreneurial skills and acumen in an informal way. We have this Unique, research-based curriculum called : RESPECT, in which utilizing a set of tools while teaching English, we monitor the progress of behavioural change of the Kids week by week.

RESPECT stands for a set of behavioural components, which makes up a successful entrepreneur. They learn these components progressively since they were in their elementary school, then when they are in high school, they will learn how to make products and sell it. So, in the early ages, we focus more on the behavioural change, where as after they reach their high school, they learn the “how to” or the actual skills of an entrepreneur.

Each of the learning centers will have uniqueness based on the local potentials, aligned with teaching RESPECT as outlined above. Yapen is focusing on the commodity businesses and sustainable blue tourism based products, Jayapura focuses on the urban-based products needs, Merauke is more into forest and nature related products, Fakfak is close with the women’s personal touch (handmade) products.
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