Kitong Bisa Learning Centre (KBLC) Sorong

Kitong bisa Learning center was started with a small day teaching classes outside of Mr.Mambrasar's House. Then kids start coming and the class was getting big and bigger. Starting from the big outdoor class activities, as the kids number was growing, it was then decided to make the classes outside the house into formal classrooms. This first classroom was then evolving into learning center which is now serving almost 100 students every term. All the classes are provided for free, targeting the low economic status kids. The learning center is located in a very exotic island, at the most eastern part of Indonesia, which is very beautiful with the sea, beaches, and the natural scene of trees and greens. It is also a home of very rare species such as the Bird of Paradise, and a big tropical turtle. However, the people live on the island are amongst the poorest in the region. Furthermore, access to quality education especially English language for most kids are hard.

KBLC Sorong is one of 7 learning centers spread across Papua and West Papua. The Sorong KBLC has been around for a long time, but was on hiatus for 1 year, and is now operating again at the encouragement given by the Minister of Education and Culture to the Sorong KBLC. In addition to focusing on non-formal education, KBLC Sorong also often collaborates with the government, private sector or community in various activities. Until now, many children are studying at KBLC and teaching and learning activities are carried out every week.
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